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Add Outlets To Your Home To Eliminate The Dangers Of Extension Cords

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Older homes often have numerous issues with the electricity they contain, and one of these issues is a shortage of outlets. Electrical codes now require that homes have outlets every six feet, but this code was not in place years ago. If your home does not have enough outlets, you might be using extension cords to power your devices. To eliminate the dangers of extension cord usage in your home, you may want to hire an electrician to add more outlets to your house.

Dangers of Using Extension Cords

According to the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI), the use of extension cords in homes is one of the main causes of electrical fires. These fires lead to damage to homes, injuries, and even deaths. This occurs primarily because of the high amount of electricity placed on one electrical line in a house.

Extension cords can also be dangerous to use for other reasons too. In some cases, they are dangerous because people get injured from tripping over them. In other cases, problems can occur when the extension cords come loose or cause objects to fall over.

For example, if you have a space heater plugged into an extension cord, something could cause the cord to move. This could cause the space heater to move or fall over, which could lead to a fire.

Another danger of using extension cords comes from the heat they can contain. If an extension cord is powering too much, it may become hot. If a child touches this, the child could end up with burns.

Extension cords are great to use for temporary purposes, but you should never use them as permanent sources of electricity supply for your electric devices. If you are currently relying on extension cords in your home, it might be time to have more outlets added to your home.

Benefits of Adding More Outlets

Adding more outlets is not only beneficial for reducing the risks and dangers caused by extension cords, but it is also beneficial for other reasons, including:

  • Convenience – You may always wish you had an outlet in a certain place because it would be easier for you to use things, such as a vacuum. Adding outlets to your house could make tasks like this more convenient for you.
  • Improved functioning – Adding outlets can also improve the way your house functions in certain ways. For example, if you have always wanted to place a lamp in a certain area of your living room, but couldn't because there was no outlet, you could get an outlet installed there for this purpose.
  • Special features – If you are paying an electrician to do this for you, now would be the time to think about special features to add to your home. An example of this is mounting a TV to a wall. If you would like to do this, the electrician could make sure there is an outlet installed for this TV to plug into.

When an electrician from a place like Attaboy Electric Service LLC handles a job like this, he or she will need to know exactly where you would like these outlets placed. Once this is determined, the electrician will create a plan of action. He is likely to tie these new outlets to wiring from nearby outlets, but the electrician will make sure that he does not overload any of the circuits in your home.

If you would like to make your home safer by getting more outlets added, contact an electrician. More outlets will help you eliminate the dangerous extension cords you are currently using, and it will also make it easier for you to plug things in.