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Should You Add Smart Features During Your Next Remodel?

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Just about everyone has a computer in their pockets or purses these days. The next logical application for all that technology is in improving the efficiency of your home. If you are doing some remodeling, it may be tempting to add some of these features along with your remodel. Here are some things to think about if you are considering this route.

There Aren't Any Standards

Much of the tech in your life only works because of standards for communication. The internet is the best example of this. Web sites work the same in any browser only because there is a set of standards. Smart home devices do not have this benefit. For the most part, each manufacturer is still making up its own rules for how its devices talk to the world. This is fine if you only want to purchase one or two things, but as your home gains more and more of these devices, managing them all separately can get quite cumbersome.

Some would use this as a reason why smart home tech isn't worth it at this time. However, if you are aware of the limitations, you will be just fine. There are two ways to work around this limitation. One is to stick with a small number of devices for now. While they may have separate applications for management, only having a couple different platforms will keep them manageable. The other option is to stick with a single system. Devices made by the same manufacturer are more likely to work together than disparate systems.

It Can Really Change How You Use Your Home

The lack of standards makes smart home tech a tough sell. Add to that the additional cost of these items, and it can be tough to see why this technology is worth investing in. Just like a few years ago people couldn't imagine a world that contained something as powerful as smartphones, it is very likely that someday it will be inconceivable how people functioned without a thermostat that could set itself based on energy efficiency and comfort levels.

This really is the core reason to invest in this tech. In increasingly busy lives, smart devices that shave a few minutes off your daily routine here and there can make a big difference.

You Can Invest As Much Or As Little As You Want

Maybe you are intrigued by this idea but aren't ready to dive in head first. There's nothing wrong with caution. A large home automation project is still quite expensive, and the newness of the technology means that you won't be getting a mature, bug-free product, in most cases. If you have the money, a whole home system can be an amazing thing to have, but it simply isn't for everyone. These systems usually include blinds, lights, and home theatre controls, and they can also connect to your HVAC and security systems.

Small appliances have been moving into this space aggressively, and this is a great way to dip into this area without hurting your wallet too much. You can also upgrade things like lamps to smart devices by putting a smart controller between them and the wall. These small items will let you make solid investments in your efficiency level without the high cost. From there, you may be ready to graduate to a couple of the items found in whole-home automation, or you might want to go all in and have a complete system installed.

In some ways, smart home tech is in its early days; in others, it is already a mature tech. Smartphones have allowed manufacturers and developers to hone their skills on what makes a usable piece of technology. Adding this tech to your home can be a worthwhile investment if you are willing to accept the current limitations. For more information about the process, contact a company like Advantage Electric.