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Bay Window Seating: Finding Relaxation & Warmth With Electric Baseboard Heat

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Having a bay window seat in your home is a great way to find relaxation. You can use the window for a variety of activities, including reading, taking naps, or using a small device like a tablet or laptop computer. As you sit in the window and look to the outside world, you do not want to experience the same temperatures that are not comfortable to your home. If you're looking for heating options at your bay window seat, then baseboard electric heat is one of your ideal options. These permanent installations come with several benefits and can make a huge difference on the way you enjoy the window seat during chilly months.

Quiet Functions

Previously, you may have provided extra heat in the bay window area by plugging in some type of space heater. Those heaters can generate a lot of noise and become distracting if you are trying to read or focus on something else. When an electric baseboard heater is installed in the area, you can enjoy quiet heating elements. The heat will work and emit warmth without any type of audible signal. This is especially helpful if you enjoy some type of relaxing music or natural sounds while you enjoy the window seat. A number of these heaters use convection heat transfer to provide the quiet heating in an efficient manner. You won't hear a buzzing, start-up noise, or any types of clangs and dings like you might with other types of heaters.

Elimination of Cords

Another problem with using space heaters in your bay window area is the extension of cords and plugs to keep the space heater going. You shouldn't have to step through a maze of wires just to get to your relaxing position. The outlets near the window should also be reserved for any type of device that you may want to use while sitting and relaxing. A baseboard heater and installed as close to the wall as possible. All of the electrical cords are wired into the wall, so the heater has a minimal impact on the bay window area of your home. Neutral colors of the heater can also help it blend into areas of the home. This includes white, tan, or black heater options. An electrician can provide you with different options and models to chose from for your installation.

Removing the Chill

One of the main reasons that you should have a baseboard heater installed near a bay window seat is to help remove the chill from outside. Windows are a very vulnerable area of the home where air can leak in and cause problems. By installing the heater right below the window, the heat can help combat the cold air and create a comfortable area for you to sit in. There's no reason to avoid your window seat during winter months. The extra warmth will allow you to view the outside world and still be comfortable. You can watch snow storms, see some great winter animals, or just have a great view of your neighborhood.

When the heater is installed, it can run along the whole length of the window to ensure that everything is covered properly. The heat will rise naturally, helping to eliminate any chills in the air. The rising heat can also make it comfortable to sit or lay on multiple surfaces of the window seat. For example, a padded cushion could have some extra warmth as the heat rises and makes contact with it. This will help eliminate the need for excess blankets or layers of clothes while you sit in the window.

The installation of these heaters can really expand your use of the window seat in your home.