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Tips For Replacing A Ceiling Fan For The First Time

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If you have never replaced a ceiling fan but have decided that the time has come to replace your dining room's old fan with a new one, then follow these tips to make the job safe, simple, and straightforward:

Tip: Turn Off and Tape the Power Breaker for the Ceiling Fan

Before you begin the work of removing the old ceiling fan in your dining room, first, you must turn off the power breaker. Once the power is off, test the fixture with a current tester tool to ensure you have turned off the right breaker. After you have verified that you have tripped the correct breaker, then place a strip of masking tape over the breaker's switch to ensure no one walks by and turns it back on. 

Tip: Always Have Someone to Help with Ceiling Fan Replacements

While your ceiling fan may not look very heavy, the reality is that their motors are fairly weighty. When you are working above your head, this weight can easily get out of balance and come crashing down on your head or the floor. To avoid this fate, always have someone available to help you remove an old ceiling fan. They will also be needed to hold your new light fixture in place while you attach it to the ceiling joists or mounting plate.

Tip: Have Your Helper Hold the Ceiling Fan's Motor While You Remove the Mounting Bolts

Your dining room's old ceiling fan is being held in place with some mounting bolts. Using the appropriate sized socket, remove the bolts while your helper holds the fan. Ask your helper to hold the motor section of the fan and not hold it by the blades. Since the blades are not strong enough to hold the weight of the motor, holding the fan by the blades can cause it to break as you remove it. Disconnect the electrical workings by unscrewing the plastic nuts holding the wires together.

Tip: Sell or Donate Your "Vintage" Ceiling Fan to Keep it Out of the Landfill

Finally, though your old ceiling fan may not fit with your personal design style, someone who wants a "vintage" look may love it. As the saying goes - one person's trash is another person's treasure. To keep your old fan out of the landfill you can either sell it online to a local buyer or donate it to your local thrift store.

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