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Evaluating DIY Wiring In A Home For Sale

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You can often find older homes that are a great deal in price. These are homes that just need a little bit of love, but with a bit of a budget for remodeling, they could be the home you always dreamed of. One of the biggest things to be careful of when you're looking at this type of real estate, though, is the electrical wiring. Here are some things to know about checking for DIY wiring and knowing when to walk away.

Why Is DIY Wiring Common in Older Homes?

Non-professional electrical wiring is most common in older homes. These homes may have been built many decades ago, when there wasn't such a strict code around home inspection, so people might have used non-licensed technicians more often.

Unfortunately, that means that some of these older homes may have electrical wiring that is not very reliable. Or, it may even be dangerous. Always check the electrical components of an older home before you buy.

Ask the Seller

Your seller might know a little bit about what company was responsible for the electrical wiring. It might be hard to get the credentials of technicians if the home was built a long time ago, however.

Look at the Wiring Yourself

You may be able to spot some problems with wiring yourself. Licensed electricians work in a very careful way, with wires carefully organized and color-coded. If you see jumbled wires, you may have a problem. If wires look like they haven't been replaced in a while, that may also be a problem to look into, because there is a limited shelf life on electrical wiring.

Get an Electrician's Approval

Getting a certified and experienced electrician to look at your wiring is a great way to ensure you're making a good purchase. If it's an older home, there is probably at least some work to be done to replace older circuit breakers and wires. But your electrician will help you verify that the home isn't a complete disaster. Be sure to get an estimate for any electrical work that needs to be done in the future. You could categorize this work into stuff that would be nice to have done and stuff that's imperative to do for your safety.

Knowing about electrical problems is important for safety, but it could also help you negotiate a better deal on your home when the time comes to make an offer. To learn more about the services that an electrician can offer, check out websites like http://www.jfelectricalcontractors.com.