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Having a New Bathroom Installed? Tips on Plumbing & Lighting

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If you are having a new bathroom installed in your home this can be exciting. Two bathrooms are much better than having only one, especially if you have a large family. Below are some tips on installing the bathroom plumbing and lighting so you can make the bathroom perfect for you.


One of the most important things about a new bathroom is the plumbing. This is something you should hire a professional plumber to do for you, especially if there has never been any type of plumbing pipes installed in this room before. The plumber will likely install the vent lines and drains first. This is because they have to be positioned perfectly.

For example, if a line needs to be adjusted a few inches, it will be much easier to do without the plumbing pipes being in the way. If you have to install drainpipes in the flooring, you have to know how much space you need and the pipes have to be sloped correctly.

A building inspector needs to approve the plumbing, and the plumber can take care of this for you. Once the plumbing is installed, the plumber can install your bathroom vanity, toilet, and bathtub/shower for you to make things easier.


Besides a plumber, you should hire an electrician to wire the bathroom for you. This would be difficult especially if the room has no wiring installed already. The electrician can hook up lights for you and install electrical plugs in the bathroom. Consider how many plugs you will need, such as enough for your blow dryer, straightener, etc. You may want to have a radio, a television, and a place to charge your smartphone.

Consider the type of lights you want to ask the electrician to install. Task lighting at the bathroom mirror is important. You could install a sconce at eye level on each side of the mirror, which gives you the best light when applying makeup, shaving, brushing your teeth, etc. Do not put lighting above the mirror. This is because the light shines strongly onto your forehead and it can cast shadows below your chin, noise, and eyes. This makes it much harder to see when you are applying your makeup or doing anything with your face.

Talk with a plumber and electrician like Downingtown Electrical Plumbing Company about this information and they can give you many tips when it comes to the plumbing, as well as the lighting in the bathroom.