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Having Your Home's Power Meter Replaced? Make The Experience Safe And Stress-Free

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It's time to replace your home's power meter and you're ready to make an appointment. Here are a few things you can do to make the experience safe and stress-free for everyone involved:

Make Sure You're Home

It may be tempting to schedule your power meter replacement appointment for a time when you aren't home – after all, the meter is located outside and is easy to access. However, there is a good chance that the person replacing your power meter will need to enter your home for testing purposes as to ensure that the meter will perform properly when things like lights, appliances, and electronics are used in your home. So, making sure that you'll be home can save you some time and effort because the installer won't have to come back for testing if its deemed necessary at the time of installment.

Always Check for Credentials

When the installer shows up to replace your home's power meter, it's important to check their credentials before letting them in your home or even showing them where the power meter is located outside. The installer should have a business card that indicates the company they work for and their position within the company.

They should also be able to provide you with license numbers that can be verified through your county and that indicates that indicates that they're qualified to work on your electrical system. Once the credentials are given to you, have the installer wait outside for 2-3 minutes while you call the company they work for to verify their employment and contact the county to verify their licensing.

Contain All Your Pets

Even if your cats or dogs are friendly to strangers, it's in the best interest of everyone to make sure that they're secured and contained during the time that the installer will be working on your home to replace the power meter. Set up a collapsible wire kennel for each pet that you own, and place them inside the enclosures before your scheduled appointment along with their favorite toys, some food, and some water so they're comfortable. Make sure that the kennels are located in a safe, quiet environment such as in your bedroom or a walk-in closet. This will make the pets and the power meter installer feel more comfortable on appointment day and ensure that no unfortunate accidents take place.

These tips and tricks should make your appointment day run smoothly and ensure that everyone enjoys a safe and relaxing experience overall. For more information, contact companies like Double D Electric.