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Three Things You Need An Industrial Electrician For

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Industrial electricians fill a niche market for electrical services. In your industrial plant, you may have an industrial electrician working directly for the company, or you may hire one outside the company as needed. Either way, you will need an industrial electrician for all of the following.

Installation of Generators and Paralleling Switchgear

If you do not have any backup generators or paralleling switchgear, the industrial electrician can install both. He or she can also connect the switchgear to the generators so you can keep track of and control the amount of power the generators put forth. If any of this large electrical equipment breaks down or malfunctions, then the industrial electrician fixes it, too.

Disconnecting Power Sources after a Flood

If your plant incurs a major flood, the last thing you want is for that flood water to become electrically-charged. That creates an extremely dangerous situation that only the industrial electrician can subdue. Usually, it involves shutting off all of the power stations that feed the plant, disconnecting the generators and main power production lines, and then bringing in water pumps to clear the floor of water. Your plant will have to be "offline" for another week until everything dries out and the electrician deems it safe enough to bring all the power back on.

Setting up ALL of the Electrical Wiring in a New Plant

In the event that you build and open a new plant, the industrial electrician sets up and installs ALL of the electrical wiring in the new plant. This happens early on in the building stages to make sure everything is wired properly before the final details are installed. Additionally, if you opt to abandon the old plant, but move old electrical equipment into the new plant, the electrician is responsible for helping install and set that up as well.

Minor Details

If you need an electrician for anything in the plant, chances are that the industrial electrician can take care of these smaller jobs for you too. Just be sure to ask him/her if the task is within the parameters of his/her job expertise. This could be anything from fixing a light switch to grounding an outlet for a factory machine. It is also a good idea to put these small jobs down on a to-do list in the event that you pay for an hour of service, but you have fifteen or twenty minutes left for the electrician to provide service.

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