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Tips For Handling Summer's High Demands For Electricity

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Hot summer days put a lot of stress on your electrical system, especially if you live in an older home and your power usage is nearly maxed out. Adding air conditioning to the mix might cause you to experience power problems, or at the very least, it will drive up your power bill. Here are a few ways to take it easy on your home's electrical system during the summer, save money on your electricity bill, and keep your home safe from electrical dangers.

Make Sure Energy-Hog Appliances Work Properly

Have your air conditioner serviced before the cooling season begins so it works as efficiently as possible. Make sure other appliances that require a lot of energy such as the refrigerator and hot water heater are in good repair and working efficiently. For instance, if your refrigerator has a leaky seal, it will run more than it needs to in order to keep your food cool. If a hot water line has a tiny leak in it, your hot water heater has to run much more than normal to keep the water hot.

Conserve Power When You Can

Summer is a great time to cook outdoors and avoid turning on your oven. With long hours of daylight, it is also a good time to take advantage of all that solar power and dry clothing outdoors rather than with an electric dryer. You can even switch outdoor lighting to solar power so you can operate landscape lights at night with stored solar energy. However, since it is hot outdoors, you'll want to conserve energy inside by keeping doors and windows shut and by making sure your home is as well insulated as possible.

Upgrade Your Electrical System

As you add more and more appliances and technological equipment to your home, your energy demands will grow. At some point, your old electrical system won't be able to keep up with the demands and you may end up with flickering lights, overloaded outlets, or blown circuits. If your system can't keep up with modern living during the summer, call an electrician from a place like ANTHONY ELECTRIC CO. for an assessment of your home and recommendations for an upgrade. New outlets, new wiring, and better distribution of power could be what it takes to keep you cool without having to resort to turning off the washer when you want to run the microwave.

Having a modern electrical system in your home not only makes it much more convenient for daily life, it keeps your home and family safer too. Properly grounded outlets protect you from shock when you might be wet from swimming and plenty of outlets around the house prevents the need for dangerous extension cords and overloaded circuits.