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Electrical Emergencies That Require An Electrician NOW

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Having the power go out in your home can be inconvenient and even make the house uncomfortable. When this happens and it is not due to a problem with the electric company, an electrician will need to come out to determine the cause and make the repair. Generally, you will ask to have the technician come out as soon as possible and ask for an emergency visit. However, there are times when you need to specify to the electrician that it is a true emergency that is a dangerous situation. When one of the following situations occur, there is a good chance there could be a fire if not handled appropriately.

Burning Smell

Anytime you notice a burning smell in your house but cannot find the source, you need to go to the breaker box and shut the power off completely. Once this has been done, contact an electrician and have a technician come to the house as soon as possible. Explain the situation to the person who answers the phone and make sure they send someone to your home now. If you are told it will take time to get to you, contact the fire department and ask them to come check for any fire or burning in the walls. You should also get everyone out of the house until you have been told it is safe to go back inside.

Sparks from and Outlet

If you see sparks when you plug something into an outlet, unplug everything from the outlet and flip the breaker that goes to it. You should then call the electrician and ask him or her to come to your home as soon as possible. While this is not as serious as a burning smell, it could still be the start of a fire in the wires. You may not notice that the problem has traveled down the wires to other outlets until it is too late. An electrician can trace the problem and replace any damaged wires.

While the discovery of electricity has been a great benefit to society and makes life much easier, it is also not to be underestimated. A faulty wire can easily start a fire that can engulf your home quickly. It is also possible for someone to be electrocuted because of a flaw in the electricity somewhere in the house. At the first sign of trouble shut off the power at the main box and then contact a licensed, insured electrician to come take care of the problem. The risks are too great to ignore a problem.