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Is Your Home Getting Old? 2 Electrical Problems You May Have

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If your home is getting older this means your electrical system is also getting older. This means you should have it checked by a qualified electrician because electrical fires can happen. This can be due to many things. Below is information about two types of electrician problems you may have in your home, so you can get them taken care of.

Check the Electrical Panel

The first thing the electrician will likely check is the electrical panel. This is because this is the main part of your electrical system. If you open the panel you will see many breakers that control the electricity for different areas of your home.

If the breakers on your electrical panel trip a lot, then this is a sign they are going bad. You may also notice things like your lights flickering, or appliances not running as well as they once did.

The electrician will remove the panel to have access to the wiring. They will inspect the wiring for any that may be burned out, frayed, or have any other type of damage.

If the electrician sees problems they will suggest that you upgrade the electrical panel. With this, all new wiring inside the electrical panel will be installed, along with all new breakers. You may need breakers with stronger amps if you have added a lot of appliances to your home, such as computers, high tech appliances, and more.

The electrician has a special tool that allows them to check how many amps are coming from appliances. They will do this for all things connected to the electricity, so they can determine how many amps they should use for the breakers.

Replace Knob and Tube Wiring

If your home is very old, knob and tube wiring may have been installed when the house was built. With this type of wiring, the wires are open and run through electrical tubes. The end of the tube and wires are connected to knobs that are on the floors and walls.

Over time, this older electrical wiring wears down and when this happens the wiring can deteriorate. This will cause an electrical fire in the walls or flooring. This type of fire will spread throughout your home very quickly.

The electrical contractor can check if you have this type of wiring. If so, they will replace all wiring in your home. This is a large undertaking as the electrician will have to have access under your flooring and inside the walls.

Talk with an electrical contractor, such as Cole Electric Inc, about this information and they can go over it with you.