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Four Ways An Electrician Can Increase Your Outlet Safety

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Electrical outlets are one of the main user interfaces of your electrical system that you utilize every day. An electrician can help you make sure your outlets are safe for both your family and for the items you plug into them.

1. Surge Protection

Surge protection protects your electronics and appliances from damages caused by power surges. A surge can happen at any time, but they are more common during lightning storms. An electrician can install surge protectors on individual outlets, or they can put in a whole-house surge protector. Electrician-installed surge protectors provide a lot more protection than those that you simply plug into an outlet. Further, you won't have to remember to use the surge protector when you plug in an item.

2. Water-Safe Outlets

Electrical shocks are likely more common in the bathroom or kitchen because of contact between an electrical outlet and moisture. GFCI outlets are designed to immediately cut power if they sense moisture. Not only does this reduce the chances of electrical shock, but it also protects your electrical items from suffering damage in the event an outlet gets moisture in it. Once the outlet has dried out, you can press the reset button on the exterior and instantly have a working outlet again.

3. Child Safety

If you have children in the home, then you know how important it is to cover any unused outlets so they don't stick something in them and accidentally shock themselves. There are outlets available that automatically close the prong openings when they aren't in use. This way, you don't have to remember to put the covers back in place after unplugging the items. The outlets can only be pushed open by inserting a properly-sized plug into both of the outlet slots at the same time, so accidental insertion is rare.

4. Overloaded Outlet Management

Overloading an outlet poses a couple of major dangers. An overloaded outlet occurs when you plug in outlet extenders that allow you to plug in more items than the outlet was originally designed for. One issue with overloading an outlet is that you increase the chances of overloading the breaker panel and blowing a fuse. This, in turn, can damage the outlet or the items plugged into it. Overloading an outlet can also be a fire or shock hazard. An electrician can install additional outlets if you need to have more available in a room or along a wall. This will solve the overloaded outlet issue.

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